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Conducting my composition “Ricercare d’argento”

Wonderful experience at the Festival Culture of the Spirit in Albera Ligure this year with F. Giacosa, the Divine Symphony Ensemble, Indialucia, L. Vertunni, Oxana Tchijevskaia, Carol Stettner, I. Shakthidhar and many others… Meditation & Music. Just Heaven.




'Ocean' by Turya & Devine Orchestra

When you feel your soul melting with beauty. When you feel your heart opening. When you you feel so grateful this world is so fortunate to have such incredible artists blessed by Devine… and you are so fortunate to be able to listen, see it live and experiance this beauty. Such things happen on Culture of The Spirit Festival in Cabella Ligure, Italy every summer. I'm exteremely thankful to be part of this beautiful Sahaj family and share our art. I couldn't resist to add my small dance improvisation os this piece. Hope you'll melt yourself in this wonderful music as I did 🙂 Composition, lyrics & vocal by TURYA Nicki Wells from the Album 'Ocean' withDevine Orchestra conducted by Carto Gizzi'It’s ultimately about surrender, being swallowed up and submerged. The Ocean represents something much greater than ourselves, something all-encompassing. The lyrics “Ocean, you humble me down as I float among your waves” are about being in awe of its vastness then losing yourself in it to be carried along in its flow.' Turya

Pubblicato da Kinga Malec – dancer su Lunedì 5 agosto 2019
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