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1 Settembre 2019

Concerts…coming soon



11 SEPT – Lions Club Event – ALESSANDRIA

Carlo Gizzi (pn) & Carol Stettner (vl)

Standards Jazz, Arvo Part, W.A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven



MUSEO ETNOGRAFICO, p.zza della Gambarina, ore 18.30 “Improvisation as Meditation”

C. Gizzi, pianoforte

Mohamed Aqashahi, voce

Anton Pyparov, Sax Soprano

Musiche di Beethoven, Mozart, Kreisler, Gizzi, Improvvisazioni



Concert for Inner Peace


Musiche di Bach, Improvvisazioni

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Carlo Gizzi

Composer, Pianist, Conductor

He studied piano with F. Pompili, A. Saracino, A. Magli e C. Negroni, specializing in modern piano, improvisation and music for the show (composition and arrangement); He studied composition with L. Salvadori, Claudio Perugini and M. Colonna; improvisation with Amit Chatterjee. It performs concerts ranging from classical music, jazz, modern and improvisation with many important collaborations: Indialucia, Oxana Tchijevskaia, Carol Stettner, Vilamba, Mangesh Dakde, Didier Lomethié, Victor Vertunni, Heavenly River, Avaneendra Sheolikar, Rajendra Prasanna Gabriele Rosati, Dan Roman, Sandesh Popatkar, Kamal Sabri, Caumma Jazz Trio, Tony Santagata, Orchestra Boheme, Orchestra Divine Symphony, Orchestra Vivaldi, Patrick Edera, Ruslan Pashinskiy, Maurizio Angelozzi, Stefania Urli, Lorenzo Tazzieri, Tuomas Kantelinen, Leo Vertunni, Lorenzo Passerini, Piergiorgio Ratti, Emiliano Gabriele, Mauro Gregori, Matteo Esposito, Gianluca Falcone, Franco Giacosa, Dorina Caronna, etc. He worked as an arranger and composer for soundtracks working with ESSERE PRODUZIONI, Soundiva, Golden Production and Uruk-Hai & Drow, Pick Enterteinment, Casa Madre label and Fenix Enterteinment. He published by TERRE SOMMERSE and Ed. TEV and collaborated in some productions as producer and arranger for ASD, Disco International, Terre Sommerse. He’s musical director of TEV and the Divine Symphony Orchestra.

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